Teaching volunteers invaluable skills that will help them produce their own sustenance, utilize a variety of tools for common home and garden projects, and observe proper environmental practices for the rest of their lives.

Internships are open to enrolled S.T.A.T.E. volunteers only

Boat Building & Design!

September 2018-June 2019 – we will start mid September

1x/week for 2 hours*

*Once availability is determined, we will be meeting the same day each week for a consistent schedule.

This program will take place at the Bayles Boat Shop in Port Jefferson


There are so many uses for water in our daily lives, including recreational purposes in our oceans and bays. Do you enjoy boating whether it’s canoeing, kayaking, sailing or operating a powerboat? We have the perfect project: building a 12-foot wooden canoe!

Long Island Seaport and Eco Center (LISEC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting an appreciation, awareness, and understanding of maritime history and the marine environment. It supports projects and activities to raise awareness of the area’s nautical history and environment, while educating youth and encouraging the spirit of community involvement.

This program is set up to take place for the duration of the school year, one afternoon or evening per week (lasting for approximately 2 hours). What better afterschool activity than building a boat? You will have the satisfaction of completing a long term project that is original and unique, working with a team of like minded volunteers, and seeing the boat from a template on paper to its finished product! This is an opportunity for learning new skills, working hands on, talking to others, and being a boat craftsman or craftswoman!

We are seeking 6 volunteers who have a passion for building, creating, or crafting something new, who want to participate in an activity that goes back to the roots of maritime history, conservation, and environmental stewardship, and who want to learn more about the trade by participating in a STEM project. If you enjoy collaborating with a small team and want to be a part of this experience (even if you don’t have a lot of involvement with boating), please be sure to apply!

The boat we will be building is called the Sassafras 12:


  • Able to commit to this project one afternoon or evening per week, throughout the school year.
  • Willingness to learn about the trade; questions are encouraged!
  • Adhere to all rules and safety guidelines


  • Serving as part of a team to craft a wooden canoe
  • Using tools and equipment including fiberglass, sanders, epoxy, and drills.
  • Learning all that goes into carpentry and creating a boat
  • Handle equipment safely and effectively
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner
  • Other duties as instructed by Avalon Park staff and boat shop staff

  • The deadline to apply is Saturday, September 1st. Applications received after September 1st will not be considered. You will be notified via e-mail regarding our selection beginning the week of September 2nd.
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